MDM, thanks to the experience gain in further thirty years of market ever-presence, plan systems and structures keys in hand for the wood working able to offer to the woodworkers and to  the furniture makers the opportunity of important competitive advantages for the decrease production costs, reduction of production time, rise of qualitative production level.

From the layout to the establishment to the production lines of wood objects, from the software for the management to the budget of the woodworking machines supply, from the planning of logistical supply chain to the transport of finished products. MDM helps the Client on all the decisional process: from the idea to the realization of production structure of windows and doors frames, furniture, shelves, panels, etc.

MDM is a unique and reliable interlocutor for whichever enterprises, furniture makers, joiner’s workshops, who desire industry equipment  to do business in the  global market, provided with high technological content solutions, the only way  for who has to solve complex problems of production, technology and logistics in the industrial field of panel and furniture.

MDM adverts in three main fields:

- realisation of structures keys in hand
- realisation of automatics and completes lines
- renovation, refurbishment, integration of production structures just existing.i.

MDM is able to analyze the characteristics of the Client products, the productive and market approach model, offering the most efficient way in order to reach some goals as the maximization of time, costs, and wood objects quality: a unique partner, reliable and expert for the furniture maker, the woodworker, the smith who wish important competitive advantages.